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Delivers good care practitioners on fraud charges

Achmea overzealous inspector general finds that “too many visits travels” and “too much declares” … Doctor counting after yourself and come to very different conclusions Health insurers do regularly investigate claims from doctors if they differ from the average. Looking for fraud they control the practices with the highest turnover. ...

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chocolate will never touch your tongue

You’ve sworn chocolate will never touch your tongue, but what about your toes? Give them their just desserts with this tantalizing recipe created by Tara Oolie, co-owner of New York City’s Just Calm Down, A Jewel of a Spa. “The lactic acid in the milk softens dry skin,” Oolie says, ...

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Sex Ed: Contraception au Sex naturel

When 30-year-old Kristin Murphy started taking birth control pills, she experienced Jekyll-and-Hyde mood swings. One minute, she’d be snuggling with her husband; the next, she couldn’t stand to be in the same room with him. Her healthy sex drive also suffered. Nonetheless, she stuck with the Pill because she thought ...

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The Cooking Wisdom of Yin & Yang

When I moved away from home, my mother would phone to ask what I’d had for dinner. If, in the dead of winter, I said I had eaten a salad, her response would be pained silence. In Mama’s mind, I was committing food suicide, sustaining myself with chilled, raw “yin” ...

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The Real-Life Body-Type Plan

Real-Life Type: Trim & Frail You look fit because you log hours walking, running, or performing other cardio activities. But you’re not very strong, and some body parts jiggle more than you’d like. Fitness Rx: Stick to 30-minute cardio workouts three to five days per week. Include at least one ...

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