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chocolate will never touch your tongue

You’ve sworn chocolate will never touch your tongue, but what about your toes? Give them their just desserts with this tantalizing recipe created by Tara Oolie, co-owner of New York City’s Just Calm Down, A Jewel of a Spa. “The lactic acid in the milk softens dry skin,” Oolie says, “while the scents of cinnamon, vanilla, and peppermint have an uplifting, rejuvenating effect.” And the calories won’t go to your hips (the smell is a good test of your willpower, however).
For the soak:
8 tablespoons cocoa powder
6 tablespoons powdered milk
4 drops cinnamon essential oil
4 drops peppermint essential oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla oil
8 large marshmallows
20 chocolate kisses (plus extra ones for snacking)
For the scrub:
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil

Here’s how to indulge:

Fill a basin with enough warm water to cover your ankles. Add the first 6 ingredients (through marshmallows); stir well. Unwrap the kisses, and keep them nearby.
In a small bowl, mix the sugar and olive oil, and set aside.
Soak your feet in the cocoa concoction for about 4 minutes. Next, drop the kisses into the basin (most will land pointy side up), and rub the soles of your feet over them for a ticklish massage. Once the kisses have melted, push your sweet-smelling feet into the soft-as-clouds mess of chocolate.
While one foot soaks, take the other one out; using very light circular motions, massage your foot and calf with the sugar-oil mixture. Switch feet, and repeat.
Rinse both feet with water, pat dry (use an old towel since it will turn chocolate-brown), and then slather on your favorite moisturizer. How about Origins’ Smoothing Souffle Whipped Body Cream as a finishing touch?

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