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“HSBC blackmailing newspaper to stop fraud news”

The British Daily Telegraph, an authoritative conservative newspaper, has pressured apart from publications on the HSBC scandal. So says the chief political opinions who resigned. The bank, engaged in a huge global scandal, would have threatened not to advertise in the newspaper as the stories continued.
Peter Oborne, a prominent journalist and opinion maker, argues that the issue “goes to the heart of democracy.” The Daily Telegraph in 2013 investigated the misconduct of the bank in the tax haven of Channel Island of Jersey. The bank, one of the largest advertisers, thereby stopped advertising in the newspaper. A top executive of the newspaper would have notified the editors then that this was a loss that the Daily Telegraph could not afford. He demanded that the accounts of HSBC would not be published. According Oborne there responded to the newspaper and has paid little attention to the banking scandal. The journalist speaks of widespread cheating readers. The sacred separation between commercial and editorial would be diluted in the newspaper, a development that otherwise occurs in many more newspapers.
The Swiss branch of HSBC has committed itself on a large scale scandalous practices including dictators and drug dealers. The Swiss police for an investigation into the scandal Wednesday searches were carried out in Geneva.
The Guardian reports that the bank also stopped at that newspaper advertising after the latest revelations from last week. Does not report whether there has exerted pressure.
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