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Labor costs in Europe vary widely

LUXEMBOURG (AFN) & nbsp; – & nbsp; The cost of labor to walk in the various countries of the European Union are still far apart. According to figures presented to European statistics agency Eurostat Monday.

According to Eurostat took an hour of work in EU countries last year an average of 24.60 euros. However, that average hides huge differences. As labor cost in Bulgaria in diameter only 3,80 euro per hour and stopped the counter in Romania at 4.60 euros. Labour was an hourly rate of 40.30 euros the most expensive in Denmark, followed by Belgium (39.10 euros) and Sweden (37.40 euros). In the Netherlands increased the cost per hour in 2014 by 0.50 euros to 34 euros.

The average for the countries in which is paid with the euro came on 29,20 euro per hour. Within the eurozone labor is cheapest in the Baltic States, with 6.50 euros per hour in Lithuania and 6.60 euro in Latvia. In those countries, the cost or more than in all other euro countries.

The labor costs in the euro zone fell in 2014, the highest in Cyprus (minus 2.8 percent), Portugal (minus 0.8 percent) and Ireland (minus 0.2 percent).

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